Dream Info Labs

Our Story

Our History is interesting & exciting ....!!

We are a group of professionals who have evolved with time, exercising our acquired Business Acumen, into mature and effective Strategy Consultants. Our group lead has been known to solve problems, be it small or large and from any section, right from his college days. With time, when a few realized his skills, he was offered to be associated with multiple startups for various opportunities across varied business functions. He has been associated with more than 5 brands, until 2019, in his individual capacity before forming this group called - Dream Info Labs. 

Our history traces back to the year 2008-09. The first problem solved by our group Lead was to provide "Robotics education & training" to the students at a very affordable cost. Hailing from a middle class background, he wasn't able to attend all the training sessions back in his college days. These training programs were heavily priced and the cost of component kits further magnified the price. He struggled but wasn't ready to let his fellow juniors experience the same. This is when he formed a student chapter which offered robotics education to all 'free of cost'. He tied up with many component providers from New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai to cover deliveries at reduced cost for the students. It has been more than 10 years now and the first solution that he built has now achieved an international recognition among the students. The efforts of our Lead has been well appreciated and acknowledged by his prestigious institution as well.  

Further he tried to solve many day to day challenges that people used to face. He gathered a team of like minded people to build up mobile apps and websites that would help everyone around. Throughout these years, he has been associated with startups in the field of - online groceries, e-commerce, corporate travelling solutions, daily car pool solutions, commercial advertising platform, queries answering engine and online content / blogs. 

While working with all these startups, he had a varied experience and contributed significantly to Business Models, Business Plans, Go to Market strategies,  Cost reduction strategies, Process optimization, Digital Transformation, Building partnerships & alliances etc. 

An incident that took place in the year 2012, made our lead realize the pain an entrepreneur goes through when his idea fails during implementation giving way to a similar model propel through. 

That is when this team was formed, and we all started working in silos to help any startup to the best of our capabilities or connect them with other startups that might be helpful. For ex: An AI startup for whom we may be consulting to build their GTM can be introduced to the 3-D startup for whom we might be designing marketing campaigns. The agenda would be to help the AI startup create their 3D objects. As we are very selective in choosing our clients, the quality of deliverable for such cross ecosystem connection maintains high standards.

To summarize 'Our Mission' - 


"To ensure no efforts in Business go waste, No entrepreneur  feels demotivated and lost. To make every Business Idea succeed"